Life with Alice

By elirin

The Mini-break Day Two

I apologise for being super late to report, but here it comes! 

We woke up in our snuggly, soft hotel bed and I really think we should buy a bigger bed. There was SO much space on my half. Mum went to have breakfast, brought some cheese back to me and reported that she had watched the little ferry go back and forth. Yay! 

So we checked out and drove down to the harbour, to the designated queueing lane for the ferry. Soon it came in, bright and yellow, first letting cars and people off. Then we were allowed on, in the car. Woohoo! Because of CV, we weren’t allowed out of the car but we had a small opening next to us so we could watch the water. It took 25 minutes and both me and mum thought it was a great adventure! 

We arrived at Visingsö harbour and found a parking spot. Not hard, because there weren’t many tourists there this late in the season. Near us though were - horses! Two of them, munching hay, with a special carriage behind them, waiting for guests. It’s traditional here to go on those, they’re called “remmalag”, to see the island. Mum was tempted, and the girl said we could go but it was one hour and wobbly which I don’t like. So she decided against it.

Instead we went to explore this ruin. The island has a history of being home to both kings and dukes, and there are several ruins. I loved running up and down the overgrown fortifications! Then we went to have lunch in this beautiful, dog friendly garden. We shared a Brie sandwich and I had my own chair and there was a water bowl provided. 

Then we went for a drive all the way up to the northern tip of the island. For those of you who have been to Skagen in Denmark (says mum, what do I know), it was a little bit like that. Beautiful light and scenery. The church with the observation platform was closed, but I didn’t mind. We ended the visit with walkies through a really lovely oak forest that was planted around 1830 with the intention to provide timber for navy ships around the year 2000. Wow. Little did they know...

Then we took the ferry back and drove back home, stopping to get - wait for it - celebrity chef takeaway burger and fries! Yay! What a FAB mini-break! 

Extras are 1. lunch in the garden 2. Kumlaby church 3. Remmalag 4. the oak forest 5. the ferry

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