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Calne (Thursday 3rd September 2020)

This week I have mostly been ensconced in the study exploring sections of my Tamla Motown archive, avoiding wind and rain and brewing coffee.
This afternoon Leaf Blower Man set up next door, which was enough to send me into Calne for basic grocery supplies. I trekked up to the church for another failed attempt to see the peregrine falcon and stopped off at The Wharf to check on the swan, who was preening herself near to the tunnel that passes the Town Hall. I sat in the Town Gardens for awhile, just long enougth to consume a snack-size Snickers, before returning home. Leaf Blower Man was still exercising his infernal machine, but not for too long, and the roadworks have progressed into the town centre where they will be out of hearing range for me, I hope. They are due to finish tomorrow night but they have all the road markings to replace.

So much clearer in Large (Gallery) view

3.9.2020 (1959 hr)

Blip #3290 (#3040 + 250 archived blips taken 27.8.1960-18.3.2010)
Consecutive Blip #000
Blips/Extras In 2020 #142/267 + #056/100 Extras
Day #3815 (775 gaps from 26.3.2010)
LOTD #2435 (#2276 + 159 in archived blips)

Taken with Nikon Coolpix P900 (24-2000mm equivalent bridge camera)

Calne series
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Wilts and Berks Canal series
Swan series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Barbara Randolph - I Got A Feeling (backing track and vocal recorded Los Angeles CA, completed by 17 August 1967, Hitsville Studio A and Golden World Studio B, Detroit MI)
This Lamont-Dozier-Holland song was first recorded by the Four Tops, but was revived by Los Angeles producer Hal Davis the following year for Barbara Randolph during her short tenure with Motown, and later became a big hit in the Northern Soul clubs. She was brought in as a potential third Supreme to replace the ailing Florence Ballard but that never happened.
Barbara Randolph  was born in Detroit MI to the actress Lillian Randolph and joined the Platters after Zola Taylor left. She toured briefly with Marvin Gaye replacing terminally ill Tammi Terrell, and married Eddie Singleton, whose 1st wife had been Raynoma Gordy (Berry Gordy's 2nd wife).
As an album never materialised the mono single was its only release, so its stereo debut came on the album 16 Original Big Hits (Vol. 10) in 1969. I played it today on the CD Tamla Motown Big Hits And Hard To Find Classics (Vol. 4).

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