By KatesGardenPDX

So Begins Another Blip Year!

Thank you all so much for the enormous outpouring of congrats and hearts and stars for yesterday's self portrait celebrating my one year of blipping! I'm so honored and somewhat humbled. What a community!

So onward to another year! 

The sky seems to be somewhat hazy - I think from the fires in central Oregon. So the light was quite pretty midday. It's also not nearly as hot as it was yesterday, thank goodness...a mere 87F/30C. I had gone out to water the pots in the garden after lunch and noticed the light, so got my camera. I discovered this dahlia, which earlier in the season was absolutely ravished by slugs - it's now completely renewed with no holes in the leaves and the blossoms are gorgeous. I can't remember the cultivar, but it's a lovely one. I've had this for three years, maybe four now and it never fails to please me!

Say, I just turned in the grades for my two classes this summer. I am DONE!! And now officially on vacation through next Sunday! As much as I learned, and as much as I enjoyed the students, I am delighted to be done with all of that work! 

With many thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday!

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