By Viewpoint

View from the top of Castleton village

On my way home, but a good place to sit and eat a bit of lunch and drink some coffee before driving home.  I’ve become very fond of this spot since discovering this part of Castleton when we stayed here with my brother, who lives in the US,  last year.

After tidying up the cottage I walked down to the churchyard to talk to Ann before leaving.  I remember when we were on holiday in Venice (we visited the Cimetero di San Michele on our way back to Murano) and   Ann talking about the traditions where many families would visit Granny and picnic around her grave on saints days and holidays.  (I will miss those little conversations so much, she was such a bright woman with a breadth of interesting anecdotes and reflections on life.). The Danby churchyard is a lovely place to carry on that tradition.  I’m not sure what the worshippers at the church might think but I think the residents wouldn’t mind. 

As I was walking down the lane towards the church I passed a contractor baling up silage.  Then, when I was almost home I passed a field of similar round bales, but this time of straw rather than grass.  Slightly different climate perhaps though we have plenty of grass fields here and also plenty of rain this year.  

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