By Viewpoint

Ann will always be here in this valley

But she’ll always be with me too.

Photo from yesterday evening, taken on my short walk when we got back from the funeral buffet.  It was a beautiful evening, though somewhat windy, and I thought I’d share this view of Pear Tree House and cottage with the sun on it. 

The funeral went very well and everyone played their part beautifully.   I think it all happened as Ann would have wanted.  The Funeral Director and his assistants  were lovely and made sure that everything worked so well.  Father George and the congregation from Edlington have been wonderful and my thanks go to the Rev Sally Wilson for making the church available to us and for overseeing arrangements in this difficult time.  Father Kiryl conducted the service and came up especially from Bristol.  He’s known Ann for 43 years, I think perhaps the longest of any of us. My thanks go to the people who came, Pam who has been a rock through all this, friends Jan and Mike,  Paula and Guy, Bob from the Parish Council (I hope they got home safely) and David from Tai Chi who had once cycled around the hills in the area.  Lorraine and Jackie who had been on holiday and especially to our two families whose presence was such a comfort. I know I’ve missed significant people out too and I’m sorry but I’m hoping that when I look back on this day in the future this entry will help me to remember the people that made it special.

I visited the churchyard earlier in the morning and knew that Ann had a prime spot with views of the valley sides in both directions.  Memory Eternal Ann - I love you.

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