6 years

How could that happen? I was up early to join a birthday party, that was delayed for nearly 2 hours but that wasn't a hardship. I had my breakfast and started freeing up much needed
memory on my PC by shifting photos to the Cloud.

The party was multi country. The birthday girl with most of the family in KL, #2 aunt in Alnwick (on holiday from London), #3 aunt in Taiwan where she now lives and me in Edinburgh. I could share a balloon but missed out on Cousin Catherine's cake. I miss them.

The rest of the day passed. There was laundry to do and profit from s good drying day, more files to shift and a printer to reinstall and sort the printing. It seems to be working, so far.

Really tired but I did wash the kitchen floor, what an exciting day. I've used up the soft fruit making a 'substitute clafoutis'. I expect it will taste ok..

Later, sewing, and more flics. Another day with no walking.

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