Woman Walking

By njoyce06

Alice Is in the Hospital.......

Two nights ago,Sept 4, at 2 am my time, I was awoken by the phone ringing.  When I awoke, my first thought was Alice.   She had asked if she could call me at any time if she needed help.  Of course, I said yes.
   So, when the phone rang I asked what was wrong.   She was in pain, and thought she needed to go to the hospital.   I threw on clothes and walked over to her home.  I used the key to get in she had given me, for just this occasion.   
      Her leg was very swollen, hot, and bursting surface blood vessels.  The asked what I thought, and I suggested we call 911 for an ambulance.  She had thought the same, as well.   I packed her toiletries , glasses, a change of clothes, her medications, washed and dried her so she was clean to go.
      I waited outside for the EMT's, gave them a quick assessment and in we went.  Now Alice was in fine form.   She told the first EMT that she was so glad they had sent a good looking young man.  The EMT was caught off guard, but laughed, and Alice laughed.   The second EMT walked in and Alice commented, "Another handsome one"  "Do I get to ride with one of you?"  As an escort?  The young men laughed, were perfect gentlemen and professional, but you could tell they were very happy to have a pleasant and humorous patient in their care.  
      Leave it to Alice!   She is a hot sketch, even when she is scared and nervous!!!!   The neighbor across the street, went to the hospital with Alice.  Sandy and Alice have been friends for 13 years.   I went back in the villa, made Alice's bed after I stripped the sheets off, put the dirty linen in the washer, locked up and went home to bed.  By now the sun is rising.  Time for a nap!
        Later in the day, I finished the laundry, locked up the villa, and called Sandy.   Alice was all right, but she was being admitted in the hospital.   By this time, I went to the hospital so Sandy could go home and stayed with Alice till she was in a room.   She was very tired and fell fast asleep the room.   I  was relieved she was ok, and sound asleep.  I went home to tell Sandy.  After a quick sandwich, a dog walk, feeding the girls, a shower, I crashed and slept all night.  I got this sunset tonight which I am using for a back Blip for Alice's trip to the hospital.

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