The Old Creamery

I wasn't happy with the original pic I was going to do for Derelict Sunday. So grabbed my kit and headed out to Taddiport near Great Torrington, just got to the end of my road and the heavens opened! Undeterred I carried on and by the time I got there it had cleared up.

The Torrington Creamery was established way back in the 1800's and was closed in 1993 after a fire. If you want to know more there is quite a bit of information on Wikipedia.

The extra is of the River Torridge, and below the Taddiport Bridge.

I hope your weekend has gone well. I still have a pile of ironing to do! But if it stays fine this afternoon I shall be out in the garden ;-))

Thank you for calling in, and for all your comments, stars and hearts, so very much appreciated. Have a good week, take care, and stay safe :-) x :-)

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