Mono Monday - One

A glorious morning after the early morning mist/fog had cleared.  I had an early start as I had nearly a 50mile round trip to see my Dental Hygienist this morning. Why so far I have been a National Health client at this Dental Practice for well over 20 years, they look after my shortcomings with my molars, and I trust them.

As for the rest of the day, clerical work mainly,  washing out on the line which is now dry and ready to come in, and arranging timings for Sue's and my Blip meet with JennyG. We are looking forward to seeing her again. So car is checked and fuelled ready to go, maps are on the back seat, although I know my way around Cornwall reasonably well, at least I did nearly 30 years ago when I used to deliver to our customers! ;-) 

Mono Monday is of a Cosmos bloom, the only one on the stem, see colour in extras. 

 Thank you to Majoayee for hosting. And a big thankyou to all those lovely Blippers who take time to set the daily challenges for the rest of us. :-)

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