... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: Kappa Quacking

More resonant in large.
Duckule Extras: 
Koi splashing in
Ida preening in penguin pose
Flügel shaking on ramp

Today was mostly about the duckules... Sunday seems to have become their clean out and moving day (moving the Eglu/run onto a new patch of lawn). They get excited by all the change (the water tray is a new "pond", the food is a newly discovered food source...), and it is always extra amusing to see them extra excited.
Took lots of pictures of them splashing into the water trough, and preening, shaking, and flapping, but it was Kappa's smiley little face (belying her vast voice) that kept jumping out at me photographically. Also, Ida stole a worm from Kappa this morning, so it only seems fair that Kappa steals the limelight today.

Others here (or right from Before emerging from the run)

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