... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nibbling the Air (&c.)

More irrepressibly adorable in large.
Shy creatures
Nēnē staring
Sneakin' nēnē (with sneakin' shadow)

Mum and I went to the Wetland Centre in the morning (Im is in Kent for the weekend); it was quite busy at times (with several irritatingly inconsiderate families), but we had nice times when it was peaceful.
Highlights today included seeing the ruddy-headed geese, the ferruginous ducks, and the four emperors nibbling about with their nēnē friend.

I've posted pictures that show them all doing their characteristic things: ruddy-headed geese being v. shy, emperor geese nibbling everything and anything, and the Hawaiian goose being somber, suspicious, and sneaky...

Others here (or right from Magpie geese)
p.s. I'll keep emperors one day (when we've more space, and a pond...), but heading home to the übercute and friendly duckules made leaving the emperors at WWT easier.

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