Sunday walk

A nice sunny Sunday morning walk. 6.5 miles walked and new areas of the arboretum discovered. This mushroom shot was taken towards the end of the walk. I was thankful to be wearing waterproof boots!

I dared to eat some berries of the sea buckthorn plant today (there are lots of berries on several large bushes and they are perfectly ripe now). They smelled a bit like my sea buckthorn shower gel and tasted pretty tart (as per the internet description). Apparently they are incredibly nutritious. I understand that when the berries are processed for commercial use they often undergo malolactic fermentation and I think that helps it separate the berry content into three layers. The bottom layer is your fruit pulp which is often eaten and top layer is more creamy/ fatty and tends to be used in cosmetics products. It’s apparently a pretty high fat berry and berries go.

Once home I lazed around drinking coffee and reading the paper outside, feeling grateful that it is so warm.

The wasps are a bit of a nuisance right now but they also thankfully seem tired with it and tend to leave you alone once you’ve brushed them away with your hand. I had one land on my mouth and another fall into my bra at Westonbirt (yes I held my breath as I tried to get it out), no harm done thankfully. At home there are a couple that appear the minute food is taken outside, thankfully they don’t stick around too long.

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