By LincolnWarrior

On 2 Wheels

A relaxed Sunday again today trying to rest my knee as much as possible. Its not playing up as much as it was. I did decided to take a walk into town with Julie to search out a blip which did put some strain on my knee at times  but that was mainly when I stood still for a while . Julie wanted to pop into the small Tesco store in town so while stood outside I spotted this collection of 2 wheel machines. One of them is from a nearby shop with a advertising board on it. I have included an extra showing the lovely blue sky over part of the city the other way was rather grey and overcast. We arrived home and a little later the rain came down but again with lovely sunshine which produced a rainbow bot seeing as I blipped one the other day I didn't bother snapping it as it was a little faint.
The rest of the afternoon saw us watch a fine win for England cricket team and then some more NRL rugby  which will be followed by a film tonight .

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