Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Memo to self: don't go to a major shopping centre or retail park on a Saturday afternoon. Aye, isn't it great to be always wise after the event?

The search for new kitchen lighting took me to Livingston on Saturday. Jeez oh, that was one busy place! Social distancing meant there were queues outside many of the shops but, thankfully, not the one I was going to. Straight in, a quick word with one of the assistants, some more helpful advice and assistance sought and given, and out I went with a bagful of goodies and a dent in my credit card. All I need now is to find an electrician to fit the things.

By the time I got back to the car, I decided I had had enough of crowded places and, although coffee would have been an inviting option under normal circumstances, these were not normal circumstances. Drove over instead to the nearby Almond Valley Heritage Centre. Unfortunately, their coffee shop is inside the complex and I reckoned the £8.50 concessionary entrance fee was a bit much just for the option of a wee seat and an Americano. Maybe another time, when I have the time and inclination for a proper look round.

Plan B, which was always an option anyway, was a walk along part of the River Almond walkway and I had a pleasant enough walk along to the footbridge where the Breich Water meets the River Almond. Retraced my steps with an extra loop up to the Killandean Burn and back to the car via the Killandean Bridge and the path by the old mill.

Today's Blip is of some harvested fields on the other side of the river, taken from the walkway as it passes through Easter Breich woodland. I just liked the patterns.

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