By seizetheday

Summit cairn

A lovely circular walk up to Darden Pike (at the western end of the Simonside Hills near Rothbury) in beautiful weather this afternoon. Only 4.5 miles and not particularly steep, but most of the way slogging through thigh-height heather. Clouds of midges (every bit as vicious as those on a bad day in the Scottish Highlands...) by Darden Lough meant that stopping there for a snack as planned wasn't an option, and we hastily walked the short distance to the summit cairn and started down again!

Glorious views on the way up and down, and there's still some colour in the heather, though it's well past its best (extra, view of the lough and trig point from the cairn). Red flags were flying on the army ranges and as we walked we were serenaded by the sounds of artillery and shellfire from across the valley!

Home for one of MrM's curries, and an hour in front of the TV with a glass of red. 

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