By AFoolOnTheHill

The Boys Are Back In Town

Prior to the pandemic four of us used to meet up for lunch on a regular basis, last time was in February. Today three of us met for lunch and a catch-up, just as well because you can only have a maximum of three people at a table from three different families. One of the guys is a taxi-driver and his business is going through the floor, the other owns a bicycle shop and his profits are soaring, it's a licence to print money, the non-attendee is filing for bankruptcy.

"If you're more fortunate than others, it's better to build a longer table than a taller fence".

My album of the day is "Lie To Me" by American guitarist Jonny Lang. Majestic bluesy rock with great musicianship, an array of licks to die for, played with style and energy plus his voice isn't bad either. All the more impressive as it was released the day before he turned 16.

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