By Majoayee

Under the weather??

It was raining hard!  In fact he wasn’t really under the weather but concentrating hard on his fantasy (American) football.
We stayed in and I used YouTube coming over the airways to learn how to produce a pattern brush.  You can see the result in Technicolor as a frame!  It’s actually three brushes one for each colour.

As we worked we listened to Mozart, thanks to Alexa!  Last night it was 60s pop! 

After lunch we went for a drive round and a few extra provisions, as we really don’t want to go to a restaurant, followed by a very damp walk round Hesketh Park.  Southport is very quiet!  In fact it’s like the Marie Celeste.  

This is for Mono Monday - over and under, with many thanks to Black Tulip who is hosting.

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