Woman Walking

By njoyce06

The Horse Outside the Hospital......

Since it had rained, I went over to the hospital to see Alice.   I found out she told her son to go back to her home and work, so I could come and visit.   Only one person is allowed at a time.   Alice squealed with joy when I entered her room.  I stayed for over 2 hours, helping her, explaining what everyone was saying, laughing, helping her get around, and helping her understand what the Dr. had to say.   I t was very glad to see her, but after a while she started to fall asleep from exhaustion, so I excused myself, tucked her in, fixed everything the way she wanted it, and left.
     Outside the front door is this horse.  I have blipped it before, about 9 months ago when I first learned about my cancer.  It is still a beautiful, plastic statue.    Alice may come home tomorrow, if things keep going so well for her.  

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