Tapestry in the Garden

It was such a lovely day that the Lady of the House decided to move her tapestry frame into the garden, where she spent a happy few hours stitching her latest project.  Eventually she wandered into the house for tea. However her seat was soon taken again by Blackie the cat who might prove hard to shift!

Another in my very occasional blips from my Doll's House collection.  These are 1/12th scale models (1inch = 1foot) and I stitched the tapestries on both the stand and the footstool.  I think the backing is 30  or 40 count for those that know about these things. All I know is it was pretty small, and I recall I needed to work using a daylight-lit magnifying glass!

Just a little something for MaryElizaR's "stitches" Tiny Tuesday Challenge

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