Make Every Day Memorable

By Jorgiesmum

Today's Casualty

I usually only see these sweet little wood mice where I don't want to ie in the house, but this morning, this tiny character was curled up in the lane.
At first I thought that it was still alive but sadly no.
A couple of stitches in the wound on it's side wouldn't have made any difference.

A very tenuous link for tiny Tuesday

An afternoon out with the girls eating again.
We went to a lovely plant nursery which also has a wonderful cafe.
We sat outside in blazing sun and I was glad to be wearing a summer dress (for once ;-) ). 
That was until a wasp decided to investigate what was inside my dress.
Having eaten a scone followed by a large portion of cake, the wasp couldn't find an exit strategy so resorted to it's only form of defence and stung me twice!! OOOUCH !

I was the lucky recipient of a necklace, a scented candle and a set of champagne flutes that light up when filled, all of which will be blipped in the future.

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