Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Crazy Dad

Today was another day spent at my brothers in Edinburgh, and since I hadn't really done much I decided to head out into the city exploring on my Inbred. Edinburgh is a fantastic place to ride around, mainly because on the Inbred I like to ride like a hooligan, wheeling and hopping over speed bumps, of which Edinburgh seem to have plenty, it also seems to have a better network of cycle friendly trails than Aberdeen, I also came across plenty of other cyclists who were only too happy to wave and nod as we cycled past each other, and at junctions I was usually joined by 3 or 4 other riders, fantastic!

On my journey I came across a proper bike shop, The Bicycle Works i think it was called, three small rooms stuffed with stuff, old shelves and ruined carpets, just how it should be! They even let me handle the ludicrously expensive Campag Super Record, if I had a spar 1k and a glass case; it would be on my wall! I then took a potter up to Edinburgh Bike Co Op, which is a much better shop than the Aberdeen branch, but still well over priced and disappointing.

Outside the shop I had a rather huge drama, the bike lock I found in my brothers garage refused to open despite having the correct key, I had to ask the guys in the workshop if they knew any magic tricks to open them, this got me some very strange looks indeed! One guy came out with a can of oil and sprayed the lock, this at first didn't appear to work, and it was looking as if I would have to steal MY OWN BIKE back for the second time in as many months, fortunately, it opened at the last minute, phew!

Later in the afternoon I headed back down to see my daughter for a second day, again I get to act like a child and have play time when she wants to play! I found it hilarious watching her in her bouncer thing, giggling away as she jumped up and down. Whilst being at a lofty position when I hold her she seems to like to look in the mirror, although judging by this picture she is either thinking 'What the hell is he doing?!?' Or 'Quick freeze! Maybe the crazy man won?t see me!'

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