By TBay

Pears and Bullace.

I have two pears trees in our little Orchard. This year one is absolutely loaded with fruit and the other has produced nothing! Nature is very odd at times. I have started to pick the pears ready to pickle for Christmas which are always very popular with cold meats. 

The Bullace are a wild plum and this year we have had lots of them too. I think I will make Bullace Jelly which will be delicious. Their flavour is very Damsons  like and makes very good vodka or gin  liqueur. Perhaps Mr Tbay may be busy too! Locally they are known as Pluggits , or should that be Pluggets . Verbal information,  so could be either!

Farming - Mr Tbay Jnr was out with the dumper truck. The two boys were on compost hauling.

This awful Virus is still hanging on and numbers are rising again.  I think we have all been lulled into false security after lockdown was lifted. Sadly it is still there waiting to pounce . I have a feeling we could be many months away for an end to this situation.

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