By TBay

The Tree of Life.

A blank canvass and what to do with it!  Why, put a tree of life there! And it works , or at least I think it does. 

Miss Whiplash visited yesterday and pounded me to within an inch of my life. As  always I did feel a bit wrecked after  a session with her. However my first destination today was out local hospital for a scan. All good , but I have discovered I have gall stones ! Not what I went it for, but at least I know they are there! Fair to say I am feeling pounded even more after the scan ! 

Yesterday Miss H lost one of her best pedigree ewes. Absolutely gutted, but fortunately she was insured and they have agreed to payout. Bitter sweet situation for her. 

Farming -  Two on compost hauling  and Mr Tbay Jnr out  with dump trailer again. 

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