Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101


Another lovely day ..... not quite as warm .... but the sun is shining .... what's not to like? :-)

Went into the garden to see what I could find for a blip ..... chased this Large White round the Buddleia for several minutes ....... took a variety of photos ..... most of which I'd managed to get as it took off!

I did really like this one .... apart from the fact I had actually managed to get it in focus ..... I loved the light ..... it almost looks as if it has a halo .... hope you like it too :-)

Thanks for all the lovely comments, hearts & stars on yesterday's dragonfly .... that made it well worth the effort! :-)

Hubby is/should be having his MRI at this moment ...... hope it all goes well & they can find the problem! Hope they can find a solution too!

He has also been to collect another sick note which will allow him to return to work on light duties ..... they need someone to train the new drivers on the routes which is something he has been cleared to do!

This means he will have two days back at work before he has two weeks leave! Great timing!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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