Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Rocky Reflections

Cato had a visitor this morning. Barbara didn't come to see us and Cato had fun and it has to be said, took liberties with someone he'd hardly met. He is a very sociable cat.

This afternoon I took a trip out to Foggintor Quarry. It's a longish journey and slower than normal with plenty of tourists around. One pair in a classic MG TF decided to stop just below the top of a blind summit to pet a pony. 

As I arrived at the end of the track to the quarry it started to spit. Not enough to make a coat necessary, just a bit of nuisance. There were other people around some picnicking but I was pleased to find that my preferred viewpoint was unoccupied. It was overcast but it was good to see that there were some nice reflections as the theme of this week's Wide Wednesday (hosted by Freyjad) is 'Reflections'.  I'm glad I didn't get there any later as they disappeared as the breeze got up and the drizzle became a little heavier.

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