By Hillyblips

Sneak Peek Through the Reeds

Swoosh - I heard and then saw it as a hobby flew at a pace past my ear within inches (so close in fact that I felt the air movement), rocketed over the top of the camera trying to make a meal of my dragon hovering nicely in front. So incredibly fast it disappeared in a split second only to return from the left again like a whirlwind. Pointing the camera skywards towards the tops of the trees I fired a few shots as I had absolutely no idea what on earth it was. A lucky shot caught it and zooming in found it was a hobby which I had initially thought was a sparrowhawk because of the speed.

I caught these two migrant hawkers mating in a ridiculously inaccessible part of the reeds and skidding down the bank I nearly fell straight in and it didn't get any better. They weren't to be put off or move even so there were precarious manoeuvres to try for a few shots just for a bit of a change from getting the flight shots. A pity about the reeds but they couldn't be helped. I am sure the couple sitting in the Park Seat behind were watching with some amusement and possibly trepidation at my antics.

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