The second half of life..

By twigs

I say, I say, I say...did you hear the one about..

Grey day - rain, but after a stop along the drive to Puponga (where these guys flew in to entertain us for a short while) a group of us still managed to put in a decent 5-plus km walk along the inner spit, across the spit's lower reaches to the Pacific west side (as someone said - we crossed from the east of New Zealand to the west!).  It was windy but only really got wet towards the end.  Not great photography but a very pleasant and invigorating walk.  You get that.

Evening was a pot-luck tea at the house some members were staying at........a rental right on the beach........fantastic spot....except for the rain!

In COVID news, there was 1 quarantine case and 2 community cases today as well as 1 more recovery.  Sadly - very sadly - a second death in as many days was also reported.

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