The second half of life..

By twigs


Finally made it to Pakawau for what we hope will be a fabulous weekend of phriendship, phun and fotography.  We'd hoped to do a bit of burning steel wool on the beach tonight but the wind thought differently.  Another time hopefully.

We had dinner together to begin the weeeknd and local photographer Adrian Barrett talked to us about some of the great photo ops there are in the area and showing us some of his beautiful images.  Wonderful!  one difference I thihnk we all spotted though - his photos are beautiful, bright and sunny..........we're looking like we'll have grey, wet and greyandwet.  C'est la vie.

In COVID news, there were 5 new cases today - 2 in quarantine and 3 in the community.  There were 8 recoveries reported but very sadly, a death was reported too.  Just when things could be looking the disease that keeps on taking.

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