Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Visited Linlithgow Palace this morning.

Historic Scotland have been reopening their properties to visitors over the past few weeks. As with much else, though, one can't just roll up 'on spec' and visit. Instead, one has to book in advance. Once inside, there's a one-way system, some narrow stairways and enclosed spaces have a member of staff to limit the number of people inside and so on. Have to say, though, although today's was quite different to my previous visits, it was very well organised and HES are to be commended for their hard work in setting it all up.

Afterwards, I walked around the Loch and on my way back to the car stopped to photograph this statue of the Black Bitch of Linlithgow. Don't recall seeing it before, so I assume it's relatively new.

The nearby storyboard explains the legend that (and I'm working from memory now) the dog's master was chained to a post on an island in the Loch for some misdemeanor and left to starve to death. However, his faithful black greyhound would swim over to visit him at night and bring him food, which meant he survived. For her actions, the dog was then chained up herself. The Black Bitch is the symbol of the town and burgh and in its coat of arms.

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