Every Little Step

By moonfairy

A Load Of Christmas Puddings.

I forgot to take any photos today, so you've got one of the card I was drawing yesterday.

  We had some rain last night, but today has been cold and windy.

Dropped Isabella at Kindy.  Came home, had some breakfast, whilst Mia happily played around with her toys.

We then went to dancing where she had a great time.  We had to sit outside.  Luckily it didn't rain.

After class, we went into the Library to get my card updated.

I had to show my card to get in, but because I didn't have a card for Mia, (her Mum had it), I had to fill out a form, and take it in with me.

Went and renewed card, had a lovely chat with the Librarian.  Then we left.  I had to show my card again, and hand over Mia's form.

It was all very organised, but there was hardly anyone in the Library.  There were more staff than patrons.

Such a shame this Library is always so full of people.

I noticed too that the cafe inside the complex has closed again.  They've obviously found it not worthwhile to open.

The cafe was a popular meeting place for a lot of elderly people, and was always very busy.

The Queensland government is coping a lot of flak at the moment, for some very unpopular decisions.

An election is looming in October.  Interesting times ahead.

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