By GracieG


Well...that's it now, I'm afraid I'm on my soapbox!  Of course I want others to enjoy all that the beach offers but why oh why can't people take their belongings home with them?!  Someone had the sense to take this off the beach so it can't get washed into the sea and I hope whoever lost it will come back and retrieve it but for goodness sake who didn't see or hear about all the plastic in the oceans recently?  We've had a lot of problems with folk leaving rubbish and belongings on our beautiful beaches this summer, yes...we welcome holidaymakers to support the local economy but a little respect for our environment would be appreciated.  Rant over!

On a more tranquil note, B and I had a delightful walk along West Runton beach this morning.  It was a real pleasure for me as I had missed two walks earlier in the week due to migraines.  There was a rather strange sky first thing though, the sunlight was diffused by a thin layer of high cloud which has given the extra (taken into the sun) an almost sepia tone.

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