Lego Figure

I was home alone today and struggled to get BB out the door.  He tells me he was at school in time.  It’s just as well he is a fast runner.  I was already logged on to work by the time he left.  I had a distraction from work this morning as I had my virtual physio appointment for my knee which has been giving me trouble since the start of the year.  It was an interesting experience.  She has diagnosed a tendon injury – which she says won’t get better with rest – which I have found out.  I have been sent some exercises which I have to do diligently.  I should start to notice a difference in about twelve weeks, but it may take six to nine months to get better.  I nearly fell off my chair at that point and really wished I had done something about ti before now.  She told me that they are getting lots of people whith injuries they have had for six months plu, as they didn’t want to bother the NHS – which had been my thinking.  Anyway, I need to get into a routine of doing the exercises.  At the same time I have to make sure I exercise my knee, but not over exercise it – which she says will be a tricky balance to find.
I have to say I was a bit disconcerted for the rest of the day by the length of time that this may take.
BB came home from school starving, and requested a snack – scrambled eggs.  Being in the middle of work, I declined that distraction and said I would make him that for tea – which seemed like a good compromise.  He had football training later.  I went out for a walk  in the dark, pondering how much walking I should be doing to exercise/but not over exercise, and whether I should maybe try to do more cycling. 
In other news I downloaded the new test and protect app, and we have a new regime of no more than six people to meet up from two households.
An emergency blip.  A Lego figure – something to do with Batman.

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