Off we go again

I am getting organised and getting all the dates in the diary for Leo’s footie matches. I must confess it has been rather nice not having to worry about diary clashes recently. It has made life so much easier. Usually, before fixing anything up I have to double check with multiple diaries to make sure it all hangs together.

Leo tried out a new goalie coach this evening. Because of a Covid restrictions his previous coach is only training out of Newton Abbott and we just can’t get there around work.  So we headed into Exeter instead to give a session a try, led by a female coach. Leo was not keen, never is when there is change afoot and he has to get to know a new group, and tried everything to escape going. However, he loved it when he was there and had me sign him up for more sessions - so all looks good.

It is also nice to have this on a Friday night as that means an enforced early finish from work in order to get him there. Always nice to finish early on a Friday!  And it means it will no longer clash with my Cully Crawlers plods once they are up and running again.

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