The day before the day before.

Welcome to Muscat City Centre.

Top Left - Woolworths, having shut down in the UK, has reopened in the Middle East by haraming it up with kinky lingerie.
Top Right - A highly motivated member of staff ready and eager to provide excellent customer service once his game of patience is over.
Bottom Left - The best eatery in town, The Noodle House.
Bottom Right - Omani logic in full swing.

I tried on my suit for the wedding this morning only for it to dawn on me that it looked like I was going to a business meeting rather than a wedding (I have no idea why it escaped me before). So, off to the shops to rectify that. The last time Larissa's sister Sarah was here in 2004, City Centre was still just work-in-progress. Now it is a fully operational mega-mall with everything you could possibly need (if everything you could possibly need is clothes and coffee).

The rest of the day was spent crossing things off the to-do-list. Almost there but completely exhausted, emotionally burned out and also extremely stressed to read that heavy rain is now 100% likely for the wedding day. The air at the moment is thick with the threat of thunder and Larissa's school has announced that it will be closed tomorrow as the city is expected to suffer the usual flooding problems.

Off now to pick up Mum and Sandy from the airport then hopefully to bed not long after.

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