Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


For the first time in over a year, I had the wonderful experience of meeting up with a couple of fellow-Blippers today!  Featured here are KangaZu and her other half, Wall - or as I like to call them, Peggy and Richard.  We made arrangements earlier in the week to meet up today, hoping to maybe catch some fall warlbers.  Alas, not many birds on our walk through the woods, but we had a really wonderful time catching up with each other.  

As one does, we followed all health guidelines, wearing our masks, staying a safe distance, etc.  We met in our driveway and then they followed me over to the trail head, a few miles away.  After a nice long meander on the trail, we returned to my house for a socially distant visit on the patio.  And, of course, we had some chipmunk company on hand.  They immediately spotted Peggy as the soft touch and pestered her relentlessly for peanuts (from my stash).  Which made everyone happy!

In spite of masks, it felt amazingly "normal" to have a meet up with blip-mates.  A big thanks to Richard for taking the initiative to set this up. 

I just had a look out the window and noticed several squirrels down in the lower yard which made me realize the hickory trees have started shedding nuts.  Explaining why the squirrels haven't been swarming the patio.  Now, if only we could get the chippies to discover the glories of hickory nuts...

Thank you for the heartfelt comments yesterday, and special thanks to those who took time to share some of their own memories of that day.  

Be safe.  Be kind. Be loving.


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