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By nogbad

Selling like hot cakes

I woke up with an urge to cook a proper Sunday roast chicken for a change so, once the shops had opened, I set off for Big Tesco (actually I set off for Morrisons on the island but decided that I couldn't be faffed driving that far even though it would have been a nice spin and the weather is good). The shop was busy and I only saw one person without a mask - she was wearing a sunflower lanyard so it's all good. I'm not a "Mask zealot" but it's only the second time I've been in a supermarket for a while and I was interested in compliance given that the media tends to be focussed on non-compliance.

Home now and it's to be chicken with roasted baby potatoes, black kale with sesame seeds and baby carrots. I might even see whether there is any wine in the fridge.......

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