Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At How Caple: Pillaging pigeons for the pot

These two pigeons were found stealing grain from the feeders. They were caught alive and dispatched by the game keeper. I found them at the wood yard. I thought they make an interesting still life, especially in contrast to Sams new life in his chicken eggs. New life and death is a fact of life in farming. Its a contrast that is only sad to witness when the life is wasted. When the life has been taken for nothing. Foxes are very good at wasting life. They kill more than they need to eat.

Pigeons, like rats will pillage any store of food, and repeatedly when they can, which is why these have been dispatched. Their lives won't be wasted. The woodmen had saved them for dinner tonight. By the time I had left, they had been de breasted and were ready for the pot. They're lives were born and lived in freedom. Happier I am thinking than a supermarket chicken...x

PS: On a different note our pancake portrait is recorded her in my nearly a blip folder..

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