Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: Playing Cat and Mouse....

Its been a rained off day for Tiger the cat. He has made several brave attempts on breaching the cold on the doorstep. Met with driving and icy rain, his hackles go up and retreats for the warmth of the fire.

Being a generally outdoor cat, days like these are frustrating. At fours years old, its now not beyond him to make clear cut decisions like this. Rain, means wet fur and their is the added risk of being locked out in the rain too. Inside, isn't as clear cut as it seems either. There is three children to have to play with. Tiger opted for sitting on top of the Guinea Pig cage, clearly an acceptable form of indoor hunting! He then slumped by the fire, only for a small child to place wooden mice around him.

Sam was also considering which dressing up clothes to put on the cat. I think stopping events for a picture was just what Tiger was hoping for x

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