Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: Sam's blue valentine...

Sam has been making a cushion at sewing club for two weeks now. Its kind of odd that he chose to do sewing club. There are plenty of other boys that have taken up their needle and thread too.

It all started at home. Possibly mine and Grandma Jesses fault. My late Grandma Jesse had a wonderful wind up singer sewing machine. Sam has enjoyed winding it and listening to the clunk of the wheel. He knows how to thread the machine, no easy task, following the microscopic singer sewing manuel and its hand drawn illustrations. Every time we have sat down and used the singer, we have talked about Grandma Jesse. She must be smiling at our wonky lines. How I need a small child to wind as I pass the fabric through and under the needle.

Sam has made me a hand sewn cushion for Valentines day. All hand sewn. Not a machine stitch in place. He went into detail telling me how many times he pricked his fingers when the needle comes up through the fabric. He showed me his sewing injuries too. Its a beautiful cushion Sam. Thank you...x

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