Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At home: Painting with light

Don't let a thing like little power cut get you down.

In the middle of a rain storm, the wind rattling the windows and doors. The comfort is that you are on the inside and it is on the out. Until it takes your light away. Its a little disorientating because in the blackness the noise of the rain is harder and the wind is louder. Your senses shift.

In a bid to outsmart the storm, I think of my other light sources. I rake through my Glastonbury camping box and feel for some solar fairy lights. I have half a mind that the charge is dead, and the sun that powered the battery is long gone. I press the switch, and the light from the summer comes through in the fairy lights!

I string them in the corridor for the children, in case they wake in the night, but not before I claim a 'blip' with them. Painting with light. Not quite Fox Talbot, but perhaps a modern take on his work. I am painting with the sunlight here, but through a solar charger and fairy LED's.

Gotcha Storm, you gotta try harder to damp my spirits!

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