By soozaday

Double Selfie

Today was our grandson’s debut game in the NFL. We were so excited that we bit the bullet and signed up for Comcast so we could watch the season on tv. Alas, the schedulers chose not to run the Jets game on any network we could find. They apparently don’t make these decisions til the last minute, based on maybe the number of viewers they predict will watch. Maybe. We’re not sure how it works, except that we now have a cable service that we aren’t going to get any use of. My son signed up for two other services and was in the same boat, and I heard that others were disappointed as well. Turns out they lost to Buffalo. Not sure what the grandson did. So that was this morning.

By the afternoon, after how many days of confinement because of bad air, we were so desperate to get out that we got in the car and drove around town for a few minutes. Hey, it’s got air conditioning so at least we could breathe. There were an awful lot of people milling around downtown and by the ocean. Foul air didn’t seem to bother them. Lots of folks not even wearing masks of any kind, never mind N95s to protect their lungs. I’m eternally confused: are we being wise and careful, or alarmist and depriving ourselves of a real life? It’s true that we did not see any old people meandering about. Either they are too smart or too vulnerable. I’m sick of being in the house, but we do have a house, and I’m grateful for that. It’s just interesting to see how much I rely on going outside, on going for a walk, on working in the garden. 

When we got home we made chocolate zucchini bread, now cooling on the kitchen counter. That should improve my mood.  Watching The Durrells on Corfu, totally charmed and longing to live in a derelict house by the sea. Then, not now.

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