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Tardis on The Walk

Up early today to take Joyce to catch her 8am train. You can tell we're related from the fact that we were there by 7.30 and very happy about that.
Back home to recover from the shock of being up so early then over to Leith Walk to pick something up. I managed to negotiate all the:

road closures and
Tramworks and
one way systems and
temporary traffic lights and
spaces for people

which have appeared in the last month or so. Crazy, but I'm not willing to go on buses if I don't have to, even with a free bus pass.
Today the former police box on Croall Place was selling jewellery and face masks. It's a lovely wee pop up space which is rarely if ever empty. If you get your day right it's got Sicilian confectionery for sale. That doesn't last long either. The box is definitely a local asset.

A friend in India sent me a virtually recorded track which I've been waiting for, one of my favourites. It was recorded remotely of course and then beautifully put together. He is the director of the Madras Musical Society and also performs and leads one of South India's foremost Christian Tamil vocal groups. A real treat.

We've got somebody coming this evening to discuss doing some traditional Edinburgh tiling on the floor of our front porch. It may be too small a job and not worth it. We'll see, he comes well recommended.

Today is the first of the rule of 6/ two households law. I hope it helps to bring numbers down again.
Keep safe everybody

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