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By ajt

The creature from the black lagoon

Today we scrubbed both sides of the garden gate, rinsed it, and then added two coat of wood thingy too, When I say garden gate, it's actually larger than a garage door, so it took two of us and a lot of time to do it. We bought the wood stuff earlier this year, but it's taken a long while to get round to getting it done.

While the first coat was drying we took the beats back to the River Rance as it passes by Saint-Jouan over looking Saint-Suliac, and he had a good time sniffing and paddling and doing dogy things. Here he is emerging from the river with his paws all black and muddy.

The grape vine that sprawls over the coastal foot path had been trimmed since last week, but I was still able to find a good half a kilo of black grapes to munch! The extra is a boat on the mud flats.

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