A day in the life

By Shelling


Maybe it's a strong word and I certainly shouldn't complain, when countries in eastern Africa are having a disastrous situation with grasshoppers through several months creating a lack of food in the region as a result.

During the last month I have seen more grasshoppers than I think I've ever seen. Well, you don't really see them because they are rather small and has a greyish color which makes them disappear in the grass, but as soon as I walk through grass it's like wading through splashing water when the grasshoppers jump out of my way. We've had a warm day so I've had the door to the porch open, resulting in lots of grasshoppers have jumped in for a visit. 

Some weeks ago they were quite perky and I couldn't get close but now they are sluggish and let me easily catch them to put them outside again, they are everywhere. We've got about 25 species of grasshopper in Sweden and I don't know which one we're having, they are only about 1-2 cm long. Anyone else heard about a particular "good" year for grasshoppers this year?

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