By Doyley22


Thanks to Freyjad for hosting the Minimalism challenge.
My blip might be stretching things a little but it is wide and minimal - snapped at midday.

We finally caught up with Angus and Scarlett today after not seeing them for three weeks - there were many hugs and kisses.  :))

I'm caddying for Rhonda tomorrow morning in the Golf Club Championship's semis - please keep your fingers crossed for her.
Also, fingers crossed for Ali too.  
Go girls!!

A couple more extras from Roebuck Bay:
1.  On the eve of the Full Moon;
2.  The Blue Cave - a spot to listen to the sea and enjoy the blue sky;
3.  One of the hundreds of hermit crabs we saw scuttling across the sand - this one was brave as all the others were camera shy.

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