By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Minimalism

I had to visit my dentist in Jesmond this morning to have a crumbling tooth prepared for a crown. He was great - no pain at all even when he did the local anaesthetic injection, and it's the only time a dentist has stopped work for a few moments about every minute so that I didn't get jaw-ache: when I complimented him on this, he said he'd learnt the need for that when he had a biggish procedure done on himself by a colleague who didn't stop frequently! The only problem was that, with his impressively massive PPE mask on, he had to shout so that I (and even his similarly clad assistant) could hear what he said!

Anyway I planned to walk home afterwards across Armstrong Bridge as I reckoned I might get a suitable shot for today's Widwed challenge on minimalism. With the fisheye lens I was able to just get two of the old streetlights on the bridge on the corners of one shot, pointing the camera up at the rather dreary cloudy sky (I've no idea what passers-by thought I was doing, but we blippers get accustomed to that, don't we?!). This is almost straight out of camera, with just a minimal(!) crop and slight shadow brightening. It almost looks monochrome, but it's not.

Many thanks to Freyjad for hosting again.

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