By davidc

Abstract Thursday: "Shades of...Late Summer"

On Tuesday I noticed on my morning walk that the sun was producing an interesting effect as it shone from behind and above a wire fence at the other side of a field I was walking round. However I didn't have my camera with me.

This morning, having seen that the Abstract Thursday theme is "Shades of..." and seeing that the sun was shining again, I went back to the same spot at the same time. Positioning was quite crucial in order to see the effect and I did my best to capture it. The hint of green comes from the vegetation in front of and behind it.

(Note: That's not a space rocket - it's the base of a post which carries a CCTV camera - the fence surrounds the campus of the Procter and Gamble Research labs.)

This is almost straight out of camera but I also like the effect when it's subjected to a Polar Coordinates twist so I've added that as an extra. I think it looks like a weird face with different sized eyes!

Thanks as always to Ingeborg for hosting AT.

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