Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


As someone that voraciously consumes best of lists, particularly in relation to books, films and music, Love's Forever Changes seemed to emerge out of nowhere in the 2000s, suddenly rubbing shoulders with Rubber Soul, What's Going On and Sign o' the Times as one of the critics' best albums of all time. Which begged the question, where had this 1967 release been during the previous 20 years or so that I'd been studying such lists? I guess it had a late developing reputation.The owner of this narrowboat is clearly an enthusiast. I've still only listened to it a few times and haven't really been won over.

In other news I completed an 'at home' Covid-19 antibody test for an Imperial College study. All of the documentation wars that the tests aren't reliable at the individual scale, but they hope to learn something from the many thousands of such tests thay are conducting. Mine came back negative, which at least ensures I will continue to be as cautious as I have been for the last six months.

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