By hazelh

Bruce food

Bruce and I currently have quite a lot of work to do to transform into a virtual event a one-day conference that we had hoped to host in person in November. It's much easier to plan in person, so today Bruce joined me in my study at home so that we could work together. I also invited him to stay for lunch.

Bruce is vegan so I made vegan tomato soup (prepared before breakfast while most sensible people are still in bed), and tomato, artichoke and mushroom salad (blipped) for his lunch. This was the success of the day.

The rest of the day has been rather frustrating. This is because the routing information provided by my VPN software has been changed (we think) and is now incorrect. As a result I am currently unable to connect remotely to my office desktop computer, nor to the servers on campus where all my important files are located. It feels like I have been working with a hand tied behind my back all day.

That said, it has been lovely to have the real company of a colleague during the working day. We have arranged for Bruce to come and work here again next Wednesday too (coronavirus restrictions allowing).

Exercise today: none.

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