A day in the life

By Shelling

Mother and child

...or father, I don't know. Besides, it's cygnet, not child. Enough corrections. Apart from these two, there was a large flock of swans feeding from the bottom in the shallow waters of the man made bay at Beijers harbour. 

In the eighteen fifties a man named Beijer had a plan to build a harbour, large enough to offer ferry trade between the mainland and the island, to compete with the established harbour ten kilometres north of here. The remaining destroyed pier stretches two kilometers into the sound. Due to construction errors the harbour soon filled with mud and drifting sand and could only be used, with difficulty, for ten years, when it was abandoned. 

The mud and sand continued to build up and soon made the whole area into a wetland, perfect for birds. The whole area is today a mecca for bird lovers and wanderers, like me. Due to currents and sandbanks in the sound there is another mecca close by for wind surfers and kite surfing.

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